Digital marketing support for charities

As well as designing charity websites we also provide one-off and ongoing digital marketing support for charities.

  • Not sure where your online donors come from or how well your donation page is performing?
  • Not sure how to best measure the success of your website?
  • Want to tell your charity's story online in a more compelling way?
  • Know that SEO is important, but not sure what it is or how to do it?
  • You invest a lot of time in your Facebook and Twitter updates, but you're not sure what the return on that investment is?
  • You've heard about, or maybe have already got, a Google Grant for free Adwords advertising - but you're not making the best use of it?
  • You're sending out email newsletters but you only judge their success, if at all, by looking at their Open and click through rates?



We can do an assessment/audit of your charity website and give you our expert opinion on what we think is working well and what could be improved upon. We'll look at it from two perspectives:

Content / Messaging:

Is your message a clear one, does it do a good job of 'telling your story'? Is it compelling and easy to understand? Is it obvious what you want your site visitors to know and do, and what impact you're making? A fresh, independent pair of eyes on this can often be enlightening.


We'll also have a look 'under the hood' at things like your SEO, site accessibility, page load time etc to identify some low-hanging fruit improvements as well as pointing you in the direction of some better structural fixes if need be.

Creating content

We can help you edit existing pages and create compelling new content. This may be to help inform or inspire visitors, or to boost your SEO efforts, or to help maximise your Google Grant.

Read our blog post about telling your charity's story online

Reporting / measuring

Custom dashboards

The blog post about 'what's the point of your charity website?' talks about adopting the mindset of 'you can't manage what you don't measure'. Our custom dashboards take all the incomprehensible data from Google Analytics and other sources and turns it into something that anyone in your charity can understand, and more importantly, take action on.

See an example of our charity digital dashboards


Help with your charity Search Engine Optimisation

SEO work won't be an overnight success story but it will slowly build a foundation that will last you in good stead for years to come.

We can help you identify quick-win tweaks to support your SEO, and working together over time, we can help you create content and identify inbound-linking opportunities that set you on an upward trend to SEO greatness!

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Google Grants

Make the most of your free Google advertising

Getting the full value from your Google Grant can be tricky, especially if you're in a competitive niche or one that doesn't lend itself to many daily Google searches.

We can help to maximise your use of your free Adwords, and to create new content pages that are geared towards what people are searching for rather than what we do

Email marketing

Recruiting, segmenting and sending

We can lend some support and advice about your email marketing — which remains the most important digital marketing channel for most charities. This includes help in getting more email signups, remaining GDPR compliant, segmenting your lists and determining what to send to who.

Plus we can help create email templates that are simple and effective. And all this can be tracked in your digital dashboard too.

Should you stop sending out your monthly email newsletter?

Get in touch

Charity Digital Marketing support: How much and how often?

Some services like the website audits or setting up a custom digital dashboard can be really useful one-off marketing investments.

Other services like Google Grants support, SEO and web content creation imply more of an ongoing relationship in order to work best.

Our service is customised to each charity's unique needs and situation so the first step is to get in touch and we'll have a chat about the best way for us to help.